Commercial Cleaning

We are now servicing Brisbane with commercial cleaning and guess what? It's all about you! What you want and what you require!

We are experienced in many areas, have great customer service, allow a realistic time frame to clean your building and offer you a 100% guarantee or your money back. 

Our Services: Commercial Cleaning, Car Detailing, Supplying Consumables.

Car Detailing  

All customer cars are unique, this is why we offer a variety of services: Wash & Vacuum, Mini Detail, Full Detail and Customised Details. So call us today, to get the right price for your car.  Pricing may increase due to excessive dirty vehicles and location.

Small, Medium, Large Vehicles:      $55.00 - $210.00 (inc GST)          

4WD, People Movers, Vans:           $65.00 - $230.00 (inc GST)

All car detailing services must be paid upon completion per service via cash or cheque.

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