FULL DETAIL           

§         Exterior wash

§         Remove dirt, bugs, road grime

§         Clean wheels and wheel arches

§         Blacken tyres and mudflaps

§         Clean door jambs and treat door rubbers

§         Pressure spray under vehicle

§         Chamois dry

§         Vacuum interior (seats, carpet, mats, boot, ashtrays)

§         Clean and dress dashboard, air vents, visors and console

§         Clean and dress all interior trims

§         Clean and dress all exterior plastics and rubbers

§         Clean interior roof lining

§         Clean windows inside and outside

§         Clean inside and outside mirrors

§         Shampoo seats, carpet, mats and boot

§         Leather protection (if applicable)

§         Clean & dress engine bay

§         Polish chrome

§         Hand polish and machine buffing

§         Deodorise




*Please contact us if you require customised detailing


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